LEVEL 1 – An introductory class for students just beginning yoga or for those who want to review the basics.  Poses, breath awareness and yogic fundamentals are introduced and broken down in Vinyasa style emphasizing Prema principles of correct alignment, steady breath, ease and joy.
LEVEL 1/2 – All of the components of our Level 1 classes including the safely guided introduction of more challenging sequences, inversion preparation, breathing techniques and meditation. A bridge between basics and intermediate.
LEVEL 2 – This class is a beautiful offering for students to practice at an Intermediate level.  Classes will build endurance and strength but move at a slower pace than the Level 2/3 classes. The foundations of more advanced inversions, backbends and arm balances will be taught.
LEVEL 2/3 – Our signature class. In Prema Yoga Brooklyn’s Level 2/3 classes, expect beautiful music, sweaty creative vinyasa flow, hands-on alignment, spiritual teachings, music and meditation. These classes are challenging and will leave you energized and inspired. Flow and sequencing varies according to teacher.  1 year steady yoga practice recommended.
LEVEL 3 – This class invites the more seasoned practitioner, teacher trainee or existing teacher into their own self sufficiency. It offers the student a great entry to Home Practice by listening to the teachers instructions, making their own adjustments in poses, and fueling intensity as desired. You will be guided to advanced (level 3) poses which include Inversions, advanced Arm Balances, deep Backbends, and bound poses.
OPEN LEVEL – Our open classes are structured as Intermediate level with modifications offered for more beginning students and deeper versions of postures offered for more advanced practitioners.  Teachers are seasoned to watch the room and cater the class according to the students present.
ALIGN & FLOW – classes weave effective alignment technique with energizing, progressive sequences to create clarity and balance in non-Vinyasa style. Perfect for all levels.
PREMA SIGNATURE WALL FLOW – A unique class designed by Prema’s Amanda Harding.  All of the components of our Level 2/3 classes using the guidance of the wall for both support, depth and feedback.  Combines the vigor of Vinyasa with the alignment of Iyengar.  This class is exclusively at the wall and will cap at 15 students so registration online is encouraged.  For students with existing practice.  Expect inversions, long holds and deep relaxation.
STRETCH & RESTORE – Stretch deeply and actively surrender in this new Prema Yoga offering. A little flow, a little Yin and a lot of TLC. Leave feeling relaxed, restored and ready for the week ahead.
1/2 LED PRIMARY SERIES – Students are led through Sun Salutations, Standing poses, and the first half of the seated poses of the Ashtanga Primary Series, followed by backbends as appropriate, and a modified closing sequence. Mixed level class.
GUIDED SELF PRACTICE – Co-led by Amanda Harding & Bobbie Marchand as well as additional Prema Yoga senior faculty. Students may come to the studio any period within the structured time frame, briefly discuss where they are at or what they would like to work on with the present teacher, and be given various sequences for the time they have allotted.  Teachers will move around the room giving specific guidance, instruction and assists.  Perfect for individual attention to advance one’s practice.
*HYBRID CLASSES – some of our classes are combined with Meditation, Restorative,  and Yin.  In these classes, expect an hour or more of flow and 15-20 minutes of deep relaxation.

Prenatal and Baby & Me Classes

PRENATAL – Stay calm, strong and healthy during your pregnancy!  At Prema, we feel passionate about offering prenatal yoga classes that are healing, strengthening and energizing.  Prenatal Yoga at Prema is suitable for pregnant women of all levels and in any trimester. This class is designed to prepare the mind and body for labor and beyond while providing support within a like minded community.

BABY & ME –  Bond with your little one by practicing yoga together! This is a full Vinyasa class for the adult while babies play, sleep, crawl and be babies!  All babies newborn through crawling and caregivers welcome.

OLDER BABY/TODDLER & ME – Bond with your little one by practicing yoga together! This is a full Vinyasa class for the adult while babies/toddlers crawl, walk, play, socialize! All babies/toddlers crawling and up and caregivers welcome.


PRIVATE YOGA SESSIONS – Based upon individual needs, private sessions range from detailed asana guidance and deep adjustments, injury recovery, pre and post-natal yoga, to in-depth meditation instruction. For newer students, private lessons provide the opportunity to ask questions and receive personal, detailed posture instruction. Experienced practitioners will advance their practice. Email us for pricing info.