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Saturday August 9th 4:30-6:30pm $40

Get the authentic yoga feeling. Float around the room with this challenging vinyasa workshop.

Have your practice climb to new heights as Raghunath dissects the challenging postures allowing them to be approachable and thus mastered.
This is all blended with transcendental chanting, inspirational practical dharma talks, & pranayama leaving the practitioner encouraged, motivated and glowing.
*This workshop will be followed by a Kirtan with Raghunath at 7pm.
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RAGHUNATH IS…Ex-punk, ex-monk, husband, father of five, inversion ambassador, bent on Bhakti, detox junkie, evolution assistant, coalesced by kirtan, cacao consumer, puranic story teller, reciter of Gita, potential excavator, beyond birth and death. He is an accomplished yogi in many styles and leads retreats, workshops and yoga teacher trainings around the world. He is an expert at taking the esoteric yoga philosophy and making it understandable and practical for the contemporary world. Recent press includes Rolling Stone, the New York Times & New York Magazine, Yoga Journal Italy & Germany as well as Time Out New York.


MONTHLY SANGHA with Kaustubha Das

Sangha (sanskrit): a gathering or community united by a common vision or purpose.

The first Wednesday of each month (check schedule for exact date), Prema welcomes Kaustubha Das for an in-depth discussion of our Philosophical Focus of the Month. During this hour, Kaustubha will offer [more info]

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